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ConferenceCast 175: 9/11/2014: Video Edition

"Egyptians": Rev. Eric S. Anderson

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Weekly Reflections from The Spirit Calendar and Spirited Wednesday

What Is This Stuff?, by the Rev. Mary Nelson Abbott

Godís Welcome Table, by the Rev. Allie Perry

News and Announcements

Conference Announces Staff Reorganization and New Vacancy

HARTFORD -- In a message to church leaders today, Connecticut Conference Minister the Rev. Kent J. Siladi announced reconfigured staff positions and assignments, consistent with serving two primary guides for mission: Leadership Development and Congregational Vitality. "We are excited about working together," he said, "to allow these two priorities to come alive in new and dynamic ways to fulfill the vision that is unfolding in these days." 09/02/2014

In Memoriam: The Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Knox

AUBURN, MA -- The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Edward Knox, who served the East Woodstock and Talcottville churches of the Connecticut Conference, died on July 31, 2014, following a short illness. He was 74. 09/10/2014

Search Committee Formed to Begin Seeking New General Minister and President

CLEVELAND -- When the Rev. Geoffrey Black announced his retirement in mid-August, the United Church of Christ Board promised to move quickly to identify a candidate to serve as the denomination's next General Minister and President. A search committee of 18 members, confirmed by the Board, is now in place, ready to tap the next executive to lead the UCC into the future. Two of its members work and worship in the Connecticut Conference. 09/10/2014

General Synod 2015 Preachers Announced

CLEVELAND -- When the General Synod of the United Church of Christ gathers next summer in Cleveland, delegates and visitors will celebrate the "Unexpected Places" they find God. To help illuminate those unexpected places, a quartet of pastors and theologians from the UCC and partners will unveil, in their own words, where the StillSpeaking God is found each day. 09/10/2014

Our Environment, Regardless of Religion or Politics

WILTON -- We have been hearing a lot about climate change and global warming, and our reactions to this information varies, partly depending on our religious and political persuasion. However, as a member of the clergy, I see my job, in part, as one of bringing diverse opinions and perspectives together around meetings of common interests and concerns. I make a practice of attending worship services and political rallies of those whose religious and political points of view are very different from my own, yet I come way learning that the differences that divide us, though significant, are less than the common bonds that unite us. 09/05/2014

Expanding Programming through the Sacred Conversations on Race Ministry

HARTFORD -- Mr. Isaac Monts of Hartford has joined the staff of the Connecticut Conference UCC as Acting Program Assistant for the Sacred Conversations on Race Ministry (SCRM). Mr. Monts will provide support for the growing number of the ministry's Welcoming Initiatives, including the Rev. Dr. Joseph D. Clemmons Job Training Program (JCT), now entering its third year. 09/03/2014

Standing with a Community in Pain

FERGUSON, MO -- After a Ferguson police officer fatally shot an unarmed African-American youth during a three-minute noontime encounter, the community launched a series of protests to express their anger and their grief. The Connecticut Conference despatched a small delegation to listen to the stories and to offer the lessons learned while suffering in the national spotlight. They did not go to fix a problem that exists solely there, said Conference Minister the Rev. Kent Siladi. "We are going because of our own wounded-ness." 09/03/2014

Lake Reflections: Camp Is What You Make It

SHARON -- I've never been to a camp that had a Chaplain before, and as my week at Silver Lake began I was still a little unsure of what the role involves. Morning devotions at breakfast, fine. Dean's Attitude Adjustment, cool. Homesick kids, got it. But -- what do I do with the rest of the time? 09/03/2014

A Renewing Space at the Carpenter's Boat Shop

PEMAQUID, ME -- The high-pitched squeal quit as the cutting finished and I pulled the two pieces of wood away from the dreaded bandsaw blade, then the growl of the machinery faded as I switched off the tool. I examined my work with trepidation. I've always feared the bandsaw, not because of the risk of injury, but because I'm someone who can't draw a straight line with a ruler. This tool cuts along a curve (and on an angle), and on this occasion, I had to do both. I'd spent quite some time with templates and scrap plywood to get the curves and angles right. Sure enough, I'd cut the angle backwards. 09/02/2014

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ConferenceCast 175: 9/11/2014

Sacred Conversations on Race Ministry

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